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About us

Altera Esca started in 2015 in Zagreb where we opened Curry Bowl restaurant, the first Sri Lankan restaurant in Croatia. The second Curry Bowl restaurant was opened in 2016, on the Croatian island of Obonjan, a popular music festivals destination.

Expanding our hospitality business in 2017 we have opened World Wide Hostel in Zagreb, which soon became one of the best rated city hostels. Finally, in 2018 we started importing Lion, the most popular Sri Lankan beer, which is now available in over 80 locations across Croatia.

After long and successful managerial career in IT and insurance, the founders Brian and Clement Senaratne decided to take up new challenges and enter hospitality business. They have developed “Sri Lankan Curry Bowl Restaurant“ concept which serves the market niche for healthy, delicious Asian food served in modern and hop premises. The concept proved successful and is ready to expand throughout Europe and the world.